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im new [25 Jan 2004|02:54pm]
haha ive never heard of the tearm bufing but i like it!
uhh so ive never bufed but i will never buf...and that is that

p/s love the layout!
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[24 Jan 2004|11:18am]

Haha. This community is cute.
I wouldn't say i'm TOTALLY against anal sex.
But, I seriously think anything going that hole is uncomphortable.
I feel like I have to shit so much.

I like the VAGINA better! :D

yay, vagina!
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[22 Jan 2004|03:39pm]

i am new to livejournal and i just made this community as well. its all about anal sex, and how you shouldn't do it! please join and post your thoughts!
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